Equine Studies – Fine Art Photography – Exhibition with ‘The National Trust’

Alfie Mr EddDelighted to say that I have an exhibition of work on show with ‘The National Trust’ at Newton House, Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo in their new art gallery.

The work will be on show until the 19th of June and some of it will change during that time.

The legendary and complex relationship between humans and horses is an enduring one. The horse’s distinctive blend of grace and strength and its sleek beauty have long been analyzed, admired and represented in artistic form—whether through painting, sculpture or photography.

Engaging with the equine subject I proceeded to gain as much knowledge as I could through the handler.
Although the animal intrigues me, I feel it is important that the images have a narrative for the viewer.

This series of images has set out to capture through my photography the relationship of man and animal, and the majestic equine that it was born to be.

I wanted to portray Fine Art photography that does justice to equine nobility and to record an aesthetic moment that conveys to the viewer emotion and poignancy resulting in body language of the horse, which shows its feelings and draws the viewer into the frame.

There are many layers in the complex relationship, and by showing the presence of the human; the bond between man and animal is revealed.
The dedication and passion of the ‘Horse Whisperer’ achieves reconciliation in our troubled relationship with the equine world.

The images are of two very different yet unique horses; Alfie of fine thoroughbred breeding on the road to recovery after his rescue from the abattoir’s lorry and Mr. Edd the beautiful traditional gypsy cob show stallion, whose portrait was taken in the studio.
Both convey a different story of one mans unique ability of horsemanship.

With thanks to Barry Thomas and Rhian Jones who gave their time, patience and trust to make this body of work possible.

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Presentation April 2014

As part of my degree studies in photography at Coleg Sir Gar, West Wales Creative School of Arts, as part of the Enterprise module, we were given the option to either make a short video or a powerpoint presentation of our recent work.

It was ‘How our recent work is now influencing our future’ – an exit strategy.

I decided to do a powerpoint presentation in which I talked about my photography and also my achievements over the last 3 years and how consequently I have now had offers of work as a result.

My presentation included work from my degree course, my two visits to South Africa, training with top wildlife photographers, exhibitions that my work has been in and my success in competitions. It also included a short time-lapse video of when I had the horse at college for a studio shoot.

Although I talked at my original presentation as we were marked on this, I also did a voice over powerpoint and a written powerpoint (for those who were unable to view and listen to the voiceover).

I hope it gives you an idea of what I have been up to, how busy I have been and more importantly all that I have achieved in my 3 years with Coleg Sir Gar, and how through the tutors guidance, my work has gained direction.

I can hardly believe that my time of study is coming to an end so quickly, where did those 3 years go?

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2020 Vision, Bristol

2020 Vision, Bristol

Monday evening saw the 2020 Vision show come to Bristol.

With thanks to Bertie Gregory for letting me know the show was on.
Anna, James and myself thoroughly enjoyed an evening at St Georges, Park Street, Bristol.

2020 Vision is 20 of the top photographers from the U.K., with 20 assignments, 20 months for it to all happen and 1 mission…
To create the most compelling case yet for repairing and reconnecting the U.K.s natural habitats and to motivate fresh thinking about our dependence on wild nature.

The ecosystems that were documented through out this project were ‘More than just….’
A Forest – Carbon Store, Air Conditioner, Playground
A Peat Bog – Carbon Trap, Cistern, History Classroom.
The Sea – Climate Regulator, Larder, Tourist Attraction.
Some Hills – Water Trap, Workout Zone, Refuge.
A River – Flood Defence, Artery, Irrigator.
A City – Green Lung, Soakaway, Refuge.
A Saltmarsh – Seafood Bar, Dynamo, Flood Defence.
A farm – Delicatessen, Fuel Station, Honey Factory.
A Wetland – Water Filter, Sponge, Roofing Supplier.
A Heath – Breathing Space, Running Track, Honey Pot.

It was a fantastic night, the images were stunning and inspirational and I got to meet 3 of the best Photographers in the world today – and more-so they got to meet me!

Alex Mustard – Basking Sharks, Blue Sharks, Seals and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005, Bertie Gregory – Young Champion for City Photography with Peregrine Falcons, Foxes, and Tawny Owls. Peter Cairns – Award Winning Photographer with Osprey, Eagles, Red Squirrels and Pine Martins and Me – Finalist in the Harman Technology Student Photographer of the Year! Well, we all have to start somewhere!

Andy Rouse -Wild Boar and Otters, Award Winning Photographer who was sadly unable to attend this evening.

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Harman technology ‘Student Photographer of the Year 2013′

Barry Thomas with 'Master Guitar Man - Mr Ed'

Barry Thomas with ‘Master Guitar Man – Mr Ed’


Dean Wallace with 'Ciffig Bon Heddwr' owned by Jimmy Owen

Dean Wallace with ‘Ciffig Bon Heddwr’ owned by Jimmy Owen


Howard and 'Twenty'

Howard and ‘Twenty’

The images from this years competition ‘Pride and Prejudice’ can now be viewed at:


You can also see the images from last years competition ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Go have a look and enjoy the students different interpretations of the subject title.

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Barry Thomas and (Mr Ed) Master Guitarman at Celaeron Show

Barry showing Mr Ed 'in hand'

Barry showing Mr Ed ‘in hand’

Rhian in 'Ridden Shown Class' with Mr Ed.

Rhian in ‘Ridden Shown Class’ with Mr Ed.

Young Kristal with Barry shown 'In Hand'

Young Kristal with Barry shown ‘In Hand’

Yesterday I accompanied Barry and Rhian to a show. The weather was dreadful but luckily it was at indoor venue.
Mr Ed looked stunning and did very well in his classes winning 3 rosettes, a good start to the show season.
Mr Ed was shown as ‘Coloured pony in hand’ with Barry and ‘Coloured ridden pony’ with Rhian.
Also being shown for the first time yesterday was Kristal, although she was not placed this time, it was a perfect first outing and she behaved beautifully.
With thanks to Barry and Rhian for the invite.

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Harman technology ‘Student Photographer of the year 2013’ Competition – Success

Barry Thomas with 'Master Guitar Man - Mr Ed'

Barry Thomas with ‘Master Guitar Man – Mr Ed’

Dean Wallace with 'Ciffig Bon Heddwr' owned by Jimmy Owen

Dean Wallace with ‘Ciffig Bon Heddwr’ owned by Jimmy Owen

The title of the brief for this years competition was ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (A reflection on the world today).
The closing date 31st January 2013.
‘Judges will be looking for images that as well as being technically excellent, provoke an emotional response and show an understanding of the brief’.

Although I had seen the competition details released, I didn’t think too much about it, but then thought ‘when is the closing date?’
In two days time!

Well, the only images I had ready printed were ‘Barley Saturday Stallion Parade’ so here goes, the entry form was downloaded on the wednesday evening, mad dash to the post office on thursday lunchtime for a special delivery guaranteed by 1300 hours on friday the 31st January.
Job done – at least I had sent something off.

I had asked for a return of the images and they came back on the 20th with a compliment slip. Oh well, that was that.

The results are in….

How delighted was I to find in over 800 entries, two of my images had made it to the top twenty! (Thats the top 2.5%!)

For the second year in a row I was a finalist in the competition.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ – the pride of the owners/handlers with their stallions running through the street in Cardigan town with all the skill that is needed to run with these horses at the annual traditional event of the horse fair and the prejudice of running the stallions on tarmac roads with the crowds.

Ultimately, I had pride in my own work and believed in it.

I guess ‘Telling the Story’ is what I love doing and hopefully it shows.

‘Howard and Twenty’ the Bull (Last years finalist image), Barry and Dean with their steeds on the day and Emma with her pet lamb submitted to ‘Alamy’ (earlier post on my blog, the ‘Top 400 Amazing Student Images’) completed the hat trick and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to submit the images and in return feel more confident with my work.

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‘What can be shown, can not be said’ Ludwig Wittgenstein

'What can be shown, can not be said'  Ludwig Wittgenstein

Exhibition Opens Saturday 1st February 12- 5pm.

A vibrant exhibition of sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs. An impressive cross section of the current art scene in Wales.

Seventeen artists will be displaying their work at Fountain Fine Art Gallery, Llandeilo from Saturday 1st February until Thursday 20th February 2014.

Sixteen exhibitors including myself have had their work on show at ‘Taith Vienna 2013’ and are now showing some more of their recent work.

Photography works included are contributed by Grainne Connolly, Amelia Kilvington and Marlene Wareham.

The full catalogue can be accessed from: http://www.fountainfineart.com/3Dissue/issue11/index.html

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