Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs

These are also known as painted dogs, and are critically endangered. Although it is not the best image, I was privileged to be able to get the shot, as we came around the corner in the park, they were on the side of the track, but were soon gone. Only 400 wild dogs remain in South Africa and when you consider the famous Kruger Park is the size of Wales alone, to see them is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. I consider myself a lucky girl!
It is the explosion of the human population that threatens these animals, dwelling places are covering such extensive land in which these dogs need to run on a hunt.

Today my faithful dog Charlie and I went to the Gwilli railway at Bronwydd, near to where I live, to seek permission to do some photography in the week, pending research into my choice of film.
The train station was used for a film titled ‘Carrie’s War’. This film is about children that were evacuated during the war, also I have done some research into a film called ‘Shooting the Past’ by Stephen Poliakoff, a true story about a unique collection of photographs.
More to be revealed as I have also considered a couple of Black & White films.

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