Oriel Mimesis Gallery, King Street, Carmarthen

Oriel Mimesis Gallery, King Street, Carmarthen

This afternoon on behalf of B.A.2 Photography as part of our module, I visited the above gallery to enquire about holding an exhibition there in April.
The space is well lit with natural light, has a beamed ceiling, the floor space measures approximately 34′ x 18′ and has some boarding to the wall, which would be useful for velcro mounting. The walls would have to be hanging mounts, so the images would be better framed.
The cost is £300 for the month and this would include electricity, but there would be an excess fee if there was to be video’s etc shown.
There are 3 heaters in the room if required which cost 83p per day to run each, costing approximately £2.50 per day or £75.00 for the month.
There is a possibility of sharing with another group from the college and I will be making enquiries as to what will be best for our photography year, but will have to bear in mind that it is a first come, first booked basis, so a commitment will have to be made one way or the other as March is already filled.
I also enquired at Oriel Myrddin, but they are booked for the next 2 years, and you have to present a body of work to the curator to be accepted, so this place is not possible for our project.
The new King Street gallery has a room at the back, but again it is fully booked until 2014, so this is also not an option at this time but I do have a contact number for a Mrs Charlotte Leadbetter who co-ordinates the bookings for future reference, a lady I know from my previous management employment. And the last place that I looked at was Carmarthen Library, which have rooms in the basement at a cost of £65.00 per day or £190.00 per week. Again this information will be relayed to the group for discussion, but the best place in my opinion of the four looked at is Oriel Mimesis.
At present there is an exhibition being held there by Tom Learmonth of Emrys Art Shop, who also can be found in Coleg Sir Gar’s art shop. Some of his work has been printed by Ric Bower who is known to us all.

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