B.A.2 Photography students at Oriel Q, Narberth

B.A.2 Photography students at Oriel Q, Narberth

We arranged a meeting with Lynne from Oriel Q to find out some information on exhibiting our work there for our present module on business studies.
The information and advice that was given to us, was to have the photographs all framed or mounted the same so it looks uniform and more professional.
They can be either landscape or portrait up to A3 size, but we could do, two A4 for instance, or four A5 etc.
Gina from the Coleg Sir Gar college has an exhibition from the 12 April to 4 May and the stair space is available at the same time, so we could do a combined opening night.
Also Easter will have plenty of visitors to the town.
If we wish to sell, the gallery will require a 35% commission, it will be up to us if we want to title the image, but do not put a price with the image as this will detract a viewer’s focus.
All publicity must be bilingual.
Students should aim to use the exhibition as a promotional exercise or for their C.V. rather than going in to it with the aim of selling.
Small business cards will be welcome to promote ourselves.

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