Cinematic Film Stills

Today I worked in the studio on two of my selected Casablanca screen shots.

The first was simulating a image of ‘Ilsa’ and her profile in the mirror when she hides from ‘Rick’ as he leaves the establishment, and the second was of the letter that ‘Rick’ was given by ‘Sam’ at the train station from ‘Ilsa’ to say that she was not leaving with him, and she was saying goodbye.

The mirror was quite complicated to do and I came to the conclusion that the image in the screen shot was not so much a reflection of ‘Ilsa’ but another similar image projected into the mirror. (If that makes sense).

The image of the letter I think worked well, I managed to get a nice light on the hands and also altered it from the screen shot by not having the appearance of the rain making the ink run down the letter, but more like heavy raindrops or even tears. I encouraged my model to slowly crumple the letter into his hands to portray the crumpled emotion of ‘Rick’ on his devastation, of the news that ‘Ilsa’ had rejected him and their love affair had ended.
This is one of the ‘Test Shots’Image 

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