Giles Duley

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Tonight on Channel 4 I watched ‘Walking Wounded’: Return To The Frontline.

Humanitarian photographer Giles Duley returned to Afghanistan 18 months after losing three of his limbs there when he was working with the Americans, and he stood on an unexploded mine.

The program showed actual footage of the accident and the helicopter getting him to hospital, his return to the U.K. followed by 18 months of treatment, interviews with his girlfriend and his determination to focus on his life as a photographer, and to return back to where the accident happened to finish the job he had set out to do, which was to record the plight of the Afghan people and the fight against the Taliban affecting their lives.

To see him at work with his camera and his amazing images, left me feeling humbled.

I have followed his progress, every since I had researched him for one of my modules on documentary with Iain last year.

I felt that for Giles to return to Afghanistan was a healing process that he had to go through, to find closure for himself personally and to move on.

It is a known fact that you will often find people that have had accidents or lose someone dear to them will revisit the site for closure. A part of the psychological healing process.

I wish Giles all the very best and will continue to follow him in my research.


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