Emerging Welsh Artist’s Exhibition.

Last evening I went to ‘Fountain Fine Art Gallery’ Llandeilo, to see the above exhibition which was curated by Grainne Connolly, Fine art Photographer and friend , who graduated from Coleg Sir Gar last year.

Grainne did a fabulous job and I think that was shown and respected by the amount of people that attended, standing room only downstairs if you were a sardine and room to breath upstairs!

It was lovely to see and catch up with friends and colleagues  not only from Coleg Sir Gar, but many people that I knew from my years of working in Llandeilo.

I had a very interesting conversation with the artist Julie Davis about her self portraits. Looking at her work, I noticed the images had very large hands as if they were Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 15.24.59possibly a mans, but discovered that it is a part of her body that she hates because she feels they are too big, so she always emphasises them to be large!

It is funny how we perceive ourself and how we think we look to others.

Well her hands do a very good job, because her paintings were selling.

A very enjoyable evening and I am pleased to say that I was asked by a fellow student in ceramics if I would like to photograph some of her work on Llanstephan beach.

I accepted and date to be arranged.

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1 Response to Emerging Welsh Artist’s Exhibition.

  1. Grainne says:

    Lovely Marlene, I have shared it on twitter!

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