Professional Studies Day…

..a good day, first I worked with some of my accepted Alamy images, putting in the key words and having to think how best to describe an image, not as easy as it sounds or looks!

Then a meeting with my fellow undergraduates on our forthcoming exhibition at OrielQ in Narberth, where we discussed our various participations and contributions.

This is very much a group exhibition and so we must all work together as a group to succeed in a successful outcome, to do not only ourselves proud, but Coleg Sir Gar as well. 

My input will be mainly with transportation but we also decided to keep a record or account to be more precise on the actual costings of putting an exhibition together, so I will  be attempting to do some bookkeeping. 

This will be valuable for future reference, as there can be hidden expenses that as yet we are unaware of.

This evening kindly on loan from my local pub ‘The Railway’  a champagne bucket arrived, this will be used as a prop for tomorrows final image in the studio on my Cinematic module. So fingers crossed for another successful shoot.

But the best bit of all, was to come home to find an email from MARTIN CREP of SLOVAKIA, I saw his work when I visited BRATISLAVIA in the summer, and then I corresponded with him for my A.O.P. module in research.

He has sent some work for inspiration, consisting of portraits, advertising, living in a boarding house and can you believe it FILM STILLS.

This is a link to a report on the Slovakian Film Industry 



A film still from

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