Who wants a sixty something graduate?

According to an article in ‘The Daily Telegraph” David Willetts the higher education minister, thinks that it is ‘A perfect opportunity for older people like me to go to university to learn to cope with the pressure of keeping up to date’

Well, I am not sixty but, Willetts goes on to say “Education is such a good thing, it is not just reserved for young people, there are people of all ages who want to study. There is great value in lifelong learning”

How true is that, a degree at my age may not get me to the top of the career ladder, its not about that, its a fantastic experience to widen my knowledge.

At first I was terrified that I would not be able to keep up and I would make a mess of it all, but having a genuine interest in the subject, I have found confidence and ideas from life’s experiences, have helped me along the way so far.

The work is not always easy, I have struggled to get to grips with some of the technology, have to read things over and over (and over again!) to understand them, but the immense pride I feel in myself when I get a result is that I have achieved something beyond words.

I have made lots of new friends that are only too willing to help and share their knowledge, and I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn and try out new ideas for myself, that I only ever dreamed about in the past.

So a degree may not have been available to me at an early age, but on the quiet I am having the time of my life! 

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1 Response to Who wants a sixty something graduate?

  1. robhavard says:

    Me too. Go for the burn!

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