Professional Studies Day.

Today our year met, to discuss our way forward with the ‘Undergraduates 2013’ Exhibition.

I think that we had some very positive outcomes, and things are starting to take shape.

The press release was approved, so that is ready to go and advertising posters were also designed.

Printing the small thumbnails, gave an impression of the layout of our work, and most of us have an idea to which image/s we are submitting.

Enquiries have been made for the materials that we need. 

We all seem to be on the case for getting the exhibition advertised, and also our group photograph has been taken.

I am so glad that we are all working together in a positive way in trying to secure a successful outcome, not only for us as students, but also for Coleg Sir Gar.

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1 Response to Professional Studies Day.

  1. Iain Davies says:

    Very pleased the way it is shaping up and the role that everyone is playing in the whole exhibition!

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