Exhibition at Oriel Q



Today I went to see two of my friends work on display at the Oriel Q  gallery stairwell.

Jude a friend from Llandeilo has produced some beautiful work in black and white, capturing the ambience of the moment, to the point that you felt you were there.

In particular I loved her ‘Shoe’ image, ‘Tom in the telephone box’ and ‘Eva (another friend)  on Garn Goch’ an ancient site near Llandeilo, with her bagpipes.

I could almost hear her playing them, or was it my imagination?

Grainne had some thought provoking images called ‘Observations’ and the two that I loved most were the ‘Lamp’ and the ‘Sofa’.

The lamp reminded me of my own cottage, a warm and welcome glow on the stone wall and the sofa looked so comfortable, I wanted to go and sit on it!

Well done to both of them.

I cannot believe that one of my images will be on the wall very soon, so excited at the opportunity, and I’m am going to invite Grainne to come and see!

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2 Responses to Exhibition at Oriel Q

  1. Grainne says:

    Jude’s work is just brilliant, really pleased to be showing with her. Thanks for the kind words Marlene, sadly I dont live in that cottage anymore, but busy trying to re-create the cosiness in the new house. Still need to come down and visit you! See you soon, and wouldnt miss your show at Oriel Q for anything! What date does it start? x

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