Evacuation Day

Evacuation Day

On friday I was lucky enough to be asked to the ‘Gwili Railway’ to take some images along side a film crew from Tinopolis (S4C).
I had an amazing day with the children of Llanpumsaint and also in attendance was ‘Bernard’ an evacuee who came to the village when he was 7 years old.
The weather was dreadful, but it did not dampen the children’s spirits, I think they all really enjoyed listening to the stories of old and being allocated their various jobs as if they were evacuee’s, like milkmaids, chimney sweep, post boys etc.
The air raid siren was sounding, they had to learn how to look out for enemy aircraft and put out a fire.
If that was not enough, the nit nurse had to check them out as well!
There were so many happy little faces, a pleasure to be with them.
After they left the train to return home, I was very privileged to get to ride on the footplate, where the fire was being stoked up with coal and the steam hissing away, for an hour, whilst the trains were shunted around.
I left as warm as toast, with happy memories and some lovely images for my cinematic module.

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1 Response to Evacuation Day

  1. robhavard says:

    I bet you were ‘chuffed’. Lewys says he is jealous of your picture.

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