Working Horses

Working Horses

Today as part of my cinematic module, I was photographing a pair of working horses at a ploughing match.
‘Betsy’ and ‘Beauty’ had travelled all the way from Abergavenny with their owner and champion ploughman Mr. Roger Smith.
The day has been dry but with a bitterly cold wind, but that did not deter anyone from attending.
I was lucky enough to get some wonderful images of the horses but also of a 1937 Ferguson tractor too, just like the one on the farm.
The highlight of my day was after I had finished taking images and some video.
Can you believe that Roger invited me to try my hand at ploughing!
I did not need to be asked twice!
If Joanna Lumley can do it, so can I!
I did not stay cold for long, walking up and down the furrows, trying to control the horses, who were absolute darlings was not a problem, I had a very good ‘plough boy’ to help me guide them, but the real test was trying to control the plough!
Getting started with the blade into the soil, making sure the wheel was running straight on the edge, watching out for stones and then having to lean on the plough handles one way or the other to control the line of it before finally pressing all my weight down on the handles to lift the blade out of the ground at the end of the newly turned furrow.
It really made me appreciate all the hard work involved in the olden days before the tractor.

I really have had a wonderful day, one which I will treasure for a long time, I felt that I was in my element, being able to photograph out in the countryside with two beautiful animals and a wonderful teacher to guide me along the eight furrows that were managed before it was time to finish.
With thanks to Roger and his brother Brian, for giving their time to me today, it was very much appreciated.

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