Business Cards

Business Cards

Well the business cards are on the way ready for the exhibition should anyone wish to enquire after one!
Enjoyed putting some of my images together, and now waiting for the exhibition to finally come together.
Delighted that my lovely Anna and James are coming from Bristol for the weekend of the opening, be so nice to have their support. (I think the glass of wine persuaded her!)

After yesterdays ploughing excursion, today I ache.
Only to be expected, but I cannot help thinking of the horses and how hard it must have been all those years ago, in all weathers.
Often the films and photographs portray a ‘romantic’ time but it was far from that.
I would love to have another go and maybe I will, Roger has invited me to one of the big ploughing matches with several teams of horses in the autumn, it will be a fantastic photo opportunity to say the least.
I was lucky enough to sell two images yesterday for publication in a forthcoming history book on local farming.

It amazes me how many opportunities have presented themselves since my degree course, so many doors have opened and many new acquaintances and hopefully friends have been made along the way.
Many people have been so kind and helpful to me and for that I thank each and everyone of them.

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2 Responses to Business Cards

  1. Rob Havard says:

    Lovely card, Marlene. I wish I was there to see the show, perhaps someone could video the event.

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