Exhibition and Exhibition

Today has been another step closer to our show at Oriel Q.

After contacting Lynne this morning re our name and image title cards, which we are now able to display with our work, we have moved on to listing our work for sale.

A display poster with all the information on, will be displayed alongside our group statement and group photograph.

Cannot  believe we only have just over a week to go before our work is taken to the gallery at Oriel Q.

Soon after my work is submitted for that exhibition, I will be moving on to preparing my own images from Africa, UK and some University work photographs for a show that I have been asked to do at my local village hall.

Events there are well attended and I last showed work about 18 months ago, so it is a pleasure to be asked again.

The village people are all very supportive in one way or another with any help I need towards my degree, and they are now used to me wandering around with the camera for my various projects and allow me just to integrate into their lives.

It is a real sense of community at its best.

The nice thing is that they are genuinely interested in what I am doing for my latest project or travel adventure.

The date has yet to be confirmed, but it looks like it will be early May.

Watch this space….

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1 Response to Exhibition and Exhibition

  1. Iain Davies says:

    Exciting times!

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