“Victorian and …

“Victorian and Edwardian photographs, usually taken by an unsung local professional photographer, have undoubtedly influenced our perceptions of the past. The vast collection of photographs taken by Llandeilo photographer D. C. Harries, and bequeathed to the National Library of Wales in 1976, take us back to a time when flocks of sheep could be herded through village streets; when butter was 8d a pound; and the motor car was the greatest of novelties. With more immediacy than a history lesson, such photographs show us what we have lost and what we may have gained during the century of frantic progress since then.”
Iestyn Hughes of The National Library of Wales

Today as part of my research for Cinematic and Contextual Studies, I have been fortunate enough to be loaned images of a child/children portraits taken by D.C. Hughes a Llandeilo photographer,  shortly before his death in 1940. 

The images are embossed with his stamp.

He had four sons and they were to carry on the business in Rhosmaen Street, the same child/children have now appeared in wedding photographs.

The ladies Eileen and Maureen (Sisters) both of Llandeilo with a family history in the area have been very kind in this loan, Eileen still has her wedding dress, handmade with material bought from coupons during the War.

Along with the photographs came a history book with the images again by D.C. Harries.

This all fits in perfectly with my research. 


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