Today or should I say yesterday (Friday) has been a good day, at last I have managed to get my website ‘Live’ in time to hand out business cards at the exhibition at Oriel Q should anybody enquire!

I have had really good encouraging feedback from my tutor for my cinematic module.

My images of the ‘Temple Elephant’ have gone to Skanda Vale, a WOW factor was received, with an invite to do some professional images for their website in the summer with the elephant taking an outdoor bath!

I was privileged to learn today that I am the only person they have ever allowed to photograph her having personal care within the elephant house. (In 30 plus years)

A couple of weeks ago, when asked in class “What do you take on a photography shoot”?

Simple, the first and most important thing is your manners and how you deal with people/clients.
It is a no brainer that you make sure all your equipment is up to scratch.

People Skills are so, so important.
I often spend too much time talking to other people, but unless you give them your time, do not expect them to give you their time back.

My exhibition slide show is penciled in for the 10th May.
Busy and exciting times ahead, I guess!

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