Today was the Day …..

Today was the Day .....

That the B.A. Undergraduate Exhibition at Oriel Q was officially opened to the public.

There had been a bit of a disaster in the lighting department, but as Lynne at the gallery quoted “Let there be light” and there was at 13.35hrs, bit of a tight call but we made it with 25 minutes to go!

Everything seemed to go according to plan, and I thought it was a great success. Georgina’s Hughes work was absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t stop myself searching for all the little details in her wonderful photographs.
Her porcelain flowers were wonderful too and I would have loved to have taken a bunch home!

Lots of people chatted and genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves.

My highlight of the day was for my daughter Anna and boyfriend James, who travelled from Bristol to be there , and also Howard arrived, the star of my image and owner of his trusty Highland bullock “Twenty”.
I felt very honoured for him to make an appearance.

So I guess as a group project, we can say that we successfully completed this part of our degree and rose to the challenge that was entrusted to us.

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2 Responses to Today was the Day …..

  1. robhavard says:

    Well done Marlene. I am so pleased the day went well for you, and your bullock! Nice pic.

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