Barley Saturday – Parade of Stallions.

Barley Saturday - Parade of Stallions.

What a glorious day it was for Barley Saturday!

The show began back in 1871, and so called after Barley being traditionally the last crop to be sown after Wheat and Oats.

The fair had a dual purpose, the first being a half yearly event of the hiring of farm workers, and the other was to show the stud stallion horses at their best for the bookings to be taken for the covering of mares in the area.

During the War years the fair was disbanded, but re-established back in 1961.

I had a wonderful day, yet again I was in my element, horses and camera, what more does a girl want in life?

Met some wonderful people, and lovely images to capture the spirit of the day.

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2 Responses to Barley Saturday – Parade of Stallions.

  1. robhavard says:

    I lived in Newport for 10 years and never went to this event. I will put it in my diary for next year.

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