Opening Evening at Oriel Q.

With Rozanne Hawksley and David Alston

With Rozanne Hawksley and David Alston

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With Dean Wallace

With Dean Wallace

Monday evening was the opening of the new exhibitions at Oriel Q.
Rozanne Hawksley was exhibiting her wonderful work in the main gallery and David Alston, Arts Director of Arts Council of Wales opened this exhibition.
My work was ‘On the Stairs’ leading to the main gallery and Lynne Crompton, Gallery Manager, introduced me to everyone.

It was fantastic to see so many people there on a Monday evening, especially the owners and handlers of the horses.
I have to thank everyone who came to support me, it was wonderful to see you all there and special thanks to Rob Havard for photographing the event.
(It will be vice versa next time Rob!)

Many people made lovely comments of my photography:

David Alston quoted ” At first I thought it was an archived display, then I realized it was contemporary, you have the unique ability to capture ‘timeless’ photography, excellent and I look forward to seeing more of your work”.

Photographer Ken Day quoted
“It’s so refreshing to enjoy images like Marlene Wareham’s that record the excitement and vibrancy of activities in the community. Her exhibition in Narberth’s Oriel Q of monochrome prints of the Barley Saturday Stallions running through the streets of Cardigan is a reminder that rural life is alive and very well and that photographic artists have an important role in celebrating its health. These pictures demonstrate Marlene’s depth of engagement with her subjects and a commitment to making acutely observed works of art”.

The exhibition is on until the 31st August.

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