Meeting Dr William Fowlds

Meeting Dr William Fowlds

‘The Changing face of the Rhino’

I was one of 700 people that attended this event at the Royal Geographical Society in London, and what a true inspiration South African Veterinary Dr Will Fowlds was!
You can only admire this man for his hard work and determination to get the message across of what is happening to the ‘beautiful and vulnerable’ rhino.
No matter if they are Black, White, Sumantran, Javen or Indian, they need our help to survive, before they are made extinct from poaching.

‘There are too many people in this world making demands on the environment’, greed is what it boils down to, on the poor and vulnerable people of society the world over, all in the name of money and profits.

Did you know and I didn’t until last night, that the beautiful new moon, something that looks stunning on a clear night, is the rhino’s worst nightmare, there is nowhere to hide as the moon lights up the land, and up to another 8 rhino will maybe wake up if they are unlucky without a face, unlucky that they have been on this planet for 50/60 million years and man with an axe or chainsaw is still hell bent on destroying them.


Because some people believe that their horns are of medicinal value!

We need to get this message across, there is no value in the horn, it doe’s not cure cancer impotence or hangover’s!

Believe me these animals are very beautiful and gentle with their young and I have been so privileged to go and see them in South Africa to photograph them in their natural surrounding.

Dr Will Fowlds last night had an audience in tears as he told of the cruelty inflicted on them, and a man whose voice was broken in telling their story.

Please don’t forget that it is World Rhino Day on Sunday 22nd September 2013.

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