‘Working Sheepdogs’ at Oriel Q, Winter Open Exhibition, Friday 22 Nov 2013 @ 7pm

Screenshot 2013-11-16 09.54.55Screenshot 2013-11-16 09.54.38

My recent work has been an investigation of the relationships between humans and animals, and their long and inseparable connection with each other. The 20th century saw a change in human attitudes to animals. They became a status symbol, a managed food resource, and they were commodified in many ways.

At the working sheepdog trial where these images were taken, my attention focused on the dog alone.

The two portraits show the absolute determination of the dog to work and control the sheep whilst listening to his master’s voice and whistled commands. The shepherd and the sheep are not present. The viewer is left to contemplate the complete alertness and focus of the dog. Man may be the dogs’ leader, but the wildness of the wolf makes the dog a hunter within the flock.

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