‘Santa Claus’ – My True Story

'Santa Claus' - My True Story

Well Santa visited a week ago, so I guess that’s Christmas over, only another 51 weeks to go before he’s back!

I was lucky enough to see Santa not with his reindeer, but with a donkey!
I saw him here in Wales, can you believe it?

Santa and the donkey brought many smiles this year to the people they visited at many Christmas parties and activities.
For myself it was a privilege to be invited to witness the happiness and joy shared by all concerned, and record it with my camera.
Yes I managed to photograph the wonderful Santa who visit’s every year and yet is unseen by so many people!

Three years ago I visited the Arctic Circle with my daughter, we saw plenty of reindeer and got to ride in a sleigh in the pristine snow under the Northern Lights, but Santa was missing, he was no where to be seen!
We found lots of Siberian Husky dogs pulling the sleds too.
We made snow angels and went into the tented homes of the Sami people to share their meals cooked over an open fire.
We walked across frozen rivers and lakes, and the silence of the snow laden pine forests under the moonlight was a sight to behold.
Mulled wine awaited us on our return to warm us through!

Well if you don’t believe in Santa, you don’t get to experience those magical moments!

We went to look for him, but someone said he had gone on an around the world trip that night!

Last year I went to look for him in Africa, I walked on a stunning beach and made sand angels under the sun, and attended a beautiful carol service in a wooden church all lit by candles.
I shared humble meals with children who’s parents were no longer around in mud huts.
I found turtles laying their eggs in the sand, and witnessed an electrical storm over the ocean, but guess what?

I didn’t see Santa, someone said he had gone on an around the world trip that night!

I’m gonna keep looking for him!

Wishing each and everyone a ‘Happy New Year’, Be happy, keep healthy, look after one another and keep safe.

To be continued in 2014 – ‘The Search for Santa’

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