Harman technology ‘Student Photographer of the year 2013’ Competition – Success

Barry Thomas with 'Master Guitar Man - Mr Ed'

Barry Thomas with ‘Master Guitar Man – Mr Ed’

Dean Wallace with 'Ciffig Bon Heddwr' owned by Jimmy Owen

Dean Wallace with ‘Ciffig Bon Heddwr’ owned by Jimmy Owen

The title of the brief for this years competition was ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (A reflection on the world today).
The closing date 31st January 2013.
‘Judges will be looking for images that as well as being technically excellent, provoke an emotional response and show an understanding of the brief’.

Although I had seen the competition details released, I didn’t think too much about it, but then thought ‘when is the closing date?’
In two days time!

Well, the only images I had ready printed were ‘Barley Saturday Stallion Parade’ so here goes, the entry form was downloaded on the wednesday evening, mad dash to the post office on thursday lunchtime for a special delivery guaranteed by 1300 hours on friday the 31st January.
Job done – at least I had sent something off.

I had asked for a return of the images and they came back on the 20th with a compliment slip. Oh well, that was that.

The results are in….

How delighted was I to find in over 800 entries, two of my images had made it to the top twenty! (Thats the top 2.5%!)

For the second year in a row I was a finalist in the competition.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ – the pride of the owners/handlers with their stallions running through the street in Cardigan town with all the skill that is needed to run with these horses at the annual traditional event of the horse fair and the prejudice of running the stallions on tarmac roads with the crowds.

Ultimately, I had pride in my own work and believed in it.

I guess ‘Telling the Story’ is what I love doing and hopefully it shows.

‘Howard and Twenty’ the Bull (Last years finalist image), Barry and Dean with their steeds on the day and Emma with her pet lamb submitted to ‘Alamy’ (earlier post on my blog, the ‘Top 400 Amazing Student Images’) completed the hat trick and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to submit the images and in return feel more confident with my work.

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3 Responses to Harman technology ‘Student Photographer of the year 2013’ Competition – Success

  1. Rob says:

    Good on you Marlene.

  2. annicariad says:

    Well done, lovely, you deserve it. xxx

  3. Howard says:

    What a star!

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