2020 Vision, Bristol

2020 Vision, Bristol

Monday evening saw the 2020 Vision show come to Bristol.

With thanks to Bertie Gregory for letting me know the show was on.
Anna, James and myself thoroughly enjoyed an evening at St Georges, Park Street, Bristol.

2020 Vision is 20 of the top photographers from the U.K., with 20 assignments, 20 months for it to all happen and 1 mission…
To create the most compelling case yet for repairing and reconnecting the U.K.s natural habitats and to motivate fresh thinking about our dependence on wild nature.

The ecosystems that were documented through out this project were ‘More than just….’
A Forest – Carbon Store, Air Conditioner, Playground
A Peat Bog – Carbon Trap, Cistern, History Classroom.
The Sea – Climate Regulator, Larder, Tourist Attraction.
Some Hills – Water Trap, Workout Zone, Refuge.
A River – Flood Defence, Artery, Irrigator.
A City – Green Lung, Soakaway, Refuge.
A Saltmarsh – Seafood Bar, Dynamo, Flood Defence.
A farm – Delicatessen, Fuel Station, Honey Factory.
A Wetland – Water Filter, Sponge, Roofing Supplier.
A Heath – Breathing Space, Running Track, Honey Pot.

It was a fantastic night, the images were stunning and inspirational and I got to meet 3 of the best Photographers in the world today – and more-so they got to meet me!

Alex Mustard – Basking Sharks, Blue Sharks, Seals and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005, Bertie Gregory – Young Champion for City Photography with Peregrine Falcons, Foxes, and Tawny Owls. Peter Cairns – Award Winning Photographer with Osprey, Eagles, Red Squirrels and Pine Martins and Me – Finalist in the Harman Technology Student Photographer of the Year! Well, we all have to start somewhere!

Andy Rouse -Wild Boar and Otters, Award Winning Photographer who was sadly unable to attend this evening.

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