Presentation April 2014

As part of my degree studies in photography at Coleg Sir Gar, West Wales Creative School of Arts, as part of the Enterprise module, we were given the option to either make a short video or a powerpoint presentation of our recent work.

It was ‘How our recent work is now influencing our future’ – an exit strategy.

I decided to do a powerpoint presentation in which I talked about my photography and also my achievements over the last 3 years and how consequently I have now had offers of work as a result.

My presentation included work from my degree course, my two visits to South Africa, training with top wildlife photographers, exhibitions that my work has been in and my success in competitions. It also included a short time-lapse video of when I had the horse at college for a studio shoot.

Although I talked at my original presentation as we were marked on this, I also did a voice over powerpoint and a written powerpoint (for those who were unable to view and listen to the voiceover).

I hope it gives you an idea of what I have been up to, how busy I have been and more importantly all that I have achieved in my 3 years with Coleg Sir Gar, and how through the tutors guidance, my work has gained direction.

I can hardly believe that my time of study is coming to an end so quickly, where did those 3 years go?

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