Hi, and thanks for taking a look at this page.
I am currently in my third year of my B.A. Hons Photography degree studying at Coleg Sir Gar, Carmarthen.
I have been interested in photography for a long time and attended an evening course 10 years ago at Coleg Sir Gar, but it was not until I was made redundant from my day job of the past 15 years, that a positive move to enrolling on a full time degree course became a much sought after reality.
A redundancy notice was my ticket to freedom!
So far I have had so many opportunities to widen my knowledge and gain experience, it has been for me amazing.
I have been lucky enough to visit South Africa twice in the last 18 monthes and photograph some of the fabulous wildlife that is there.
There is a big wide world out there, waiting to be discovered, new opportunities and adventures present themselves all the time, you just need to open your eyes, trust your heart, keep level headed and your finger on the shutter!
Why follow the path that is well worn by other people, leave the path and make your very own adventure!
You never know what awaits you around the next corner.


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